June 24, 2024

Sustained Therapeutics Announces First Patient for Cancer Trial

The first patient has entered the Phase II/III trial of ST-02, Sustained Therapeutic’s innovative cancer medication targeting Upper Tract Urethral Carcinoma (UTUC).

A rare form of cancer, UTUC affects over 7,000 individuals annually across North America. UTUC is a cancer of the inside lining of the kidney (the “collecting system” – where urine starts to drain after it is made by the kidney) and the ureter (the tube that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder). Its location in the upper collecting system makes it challenging to access and completely remove with traditional laser resection.

“This is a major step forward in the treatment of UTUC,” says Dr. Peter Black, lead investigator of the clinical trial and a Senior Research Scientist with the Vancouver Prostate Centre. “Currently we have limited treatment options for this uncommon and challenging cancer, and this approach may allow better disease control without having to remove a kidney.”

The first patient in the clinical trial has been enrolled at the Vancouver Prostate Centre, and it is anticipated that 5 other sites will take part in the study. The company plans on enrolling approximately 75 patients in the combined Phase II/III trial and believes that ST-02 may be designated an orphan drug. Orphan drug designation can qualify the company for incentives such as tax credits, exemption from user fees, and seven years of market exclusivity after approval.

Sustained Therapeutics’ ST-02 product for UTUC is a sustained release formulation that enables direct delivery of chemotherapy to the site of the carcinoma via a catheter. Using the company’s proprietary platform technology, the medication releases slowly over about 24 hours exactly where the cancer is located, coating the tissue and delivering chemotherapy at higher concentrations and for longer than the current standard of care. The company believes that this direct sustained delivery may be more effective and result in fewer side effects than other forms of chemotherapy that are a current standard of care.

“ST-02 is Sustained Therapeutic’s second product to reach Phase II trials, and demonstrates our potential to develop multiple products using our novel drug delivery platforms. As such, it is a very important development in our portfolio,” says Dr. Martin Gleave, Founder and Chief Medical Office of Sustained Therapeutics and Distinguished Professor in the UBC Department of Urologic Sciences and Director of the Vancouver Prostate Centre (VPC). “This new therapeutic, designed specifically for UTUC, could address and important unmet need for patients. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this work.”

About Sustained Therapeutics:

Sustained Therapeutics is a clinical-stage company utilizing its advanced clinical and research expertise to develop locally injected sustained-release therapeutics for the treatment of a broad range of conditions, including cancer, inflammatory diseases and pain. A spin-off from the University of British Columbia its novel sustained-release drug delivery platform is also the basis for ST-01, the Company’s medication for managing both acute and chronic pain. Sustained Therapeutics has completed a successful Phase I trial of ST-01 and currently has two Phase II trials underway, one in acute post-operative pain and the other in chronic pain.


William Annett, Chief Executive Officer


Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements:

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