A New Approach for Chronic Pain

Sustained Therapeutics is developing a novel sustained-release drug delivery platform with the potential to be an effective, long-lasting solution for managing acute and chronic pain.

One in five people suffer from chronic pain, but current treatments like opioids and anti-inflammatories can be expensive, short-term, and highly addictive.

Sustained Therapeutics’ patented drug delivery platform is a non-opioid approach designed to relieve acute and chronic pain in a highly controlled way over longer periods with fewer side effects. A completed Phase I clinical trial demonstrated the feasibility of this approach. Phase II studies are now underway.

Our Technology Platform

A Leading Edge “Sustained Release” Technology

Sustained Therapeutics has developed a soft polymer gel that is being clinically tested to deliver pain relieving drugs via local injection to targeted sites in the body in a highly controlled manner. The gel is designed to release the medication slowly, potentially providing relief over days, weeks, or even months. This could revolutionize how patients are treated and impacted by many acute or chronic conditions like post-surgical pain, fibrotic and inflammatory diseases, cancer, and more.
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