Lead Candidates


ST-01 is a sustained-release lidocaine formulation designed for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.

We believe that ST-01 has broad potential for addressing a wide variety of pain types.


ST-02 is a short-release gemcitabine formulation for the treatment of upper tract urothelial carcinoma.

Upper tract urothelial carcinoma (UTUC) is a rare malignancy of the cells lining the renal pelvis. These cells are also lining the rest of the upper urinary tract and the bladder. Gemcitabine has proven antitumour activity in patients with urothelial cancer and is used as a standard of care in patients with bladder cancer by instilling an aqueous solution of it into the bladder and the patient is told to hold in the urine. Fluid cannot be willingly hold in the kidney, so this approach is not feasible to treat UTUC.

To extend the exposure to the drug in the renal pelvis, our formulation is designed to coat the tissue and delivers chemotherapy for longer, right where it is needed.