A Leading Edge “Sustained Release” Technology

We are working with well-known and safe polymers to create unique proprietary delivery systems

The novelty of our platform comes from the selection of the right polymers and matching them with the right drug candidates to create systems with the desired characteristics. Flowability, setting and drug-release profiles are evaluated and fine-tuned for each new drug formulation and application.

Our Technology Platform

A Leading Edge “Sustained Release” Technology

Sustained Therapeutics has developed a soft polymer gel that is being clinically tested to deliver pain relieving drugs via local injection to targeted sites in the body in a highly controlled manner. The gel is designed to release the medication slowly, potentially providing relief over days, weeks, or even months. This could revolutionize how patients are treated and impacted by many acute or chronic conditions like post-surgical pain, fibrotic and inflammatory diseases, cancer, and more.

Our proprietary platform is being designed and clinically tested to include a number of best-in-class benefits:


Drugs are released in a highly controlled way that we believe can be tailored to the patient’s needs — from days to weeks or even months.


Our systems are being designed to have a long shelf-life and stabilizing effect on the drug payload.


Our biocompatible polymer mixture is designed to be safe and no additional solvents are needed to dissolve it, potentially lowering the risk of side effects.


Different drugs may be able to be incorporated into the platform, which could translate into a broad range of potential treatment options.


The drug depot site is soft like chewing gum, potentially reducing patient irritation.


The low viscous solution is injectable and depot-forming upon contact with water, making it easy to work with.
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